She had her career and She was happy, So She thought. She was 32 no kids financially secure. But even with all that something was missing. In a mans world makes you want to fight more and prove them wrong. And that Is exactly what She did.

Money, Power, Sex, 

This was her life. You have your high rollers and then you have the saver/miser.

Dominance is what She craved, what She needed and what She loved.  She has always been the dominate one. What she needed was an alpha male. She needed to be tamed controlled. Her work life was dominance, She was the leader the alpha female. 

Day time work / Night time play. Private parties, invite only. 2017 was around the corner and the biggest party of the year. New Years Eve. She sits at her desk staring out the window daydreaming as always. Her phone goes off (message) the invitation she has been waiting for.

Cum play with us! 

And that Is when her night changed forever…….


to be continued……………. 





Halloween 2016

img_8120Halloween my favorite holiday.

Why? The only time you can dress up and be whoever you want without judgement. Every year I try to go all out. Being a Villian Is what I love. I guess I play the good girl all the time. Once Halloween comes around, I get to play bad. Already planning for 2017 and looking forward to being the next bad thing.

Can not wait for next year!!!

The Cayman Island


Take me back to The Cayman Island. I took this picture with my IPhone no filter no edits, 2014 my first cruise with my family. I must say as soon as we got to the beach I fell In love. Working on going back for my birthday In march. I would rather travel more In the winter months to the Caribbean then the summer. Living In New England does that to me. I want to make this an annual thing. Something about the beach gives me joy and peace, maybe It Is the Pisces In me ha.


Since I go my passport, I am on a mission to visit the best beaches of the world. And my mission has started.

Happy Travels

Women Power

I got to attend my first Women’s event ( Bad Girls Conference ) hosted by Merieta Bayati.

Blessed and Delivered

Be Empowered. Be Informed. Be Bad


I must say this conference was so inspiring to me. I meet some amazing women/entrepreneurs. Meeting these lovely ladies gave me so much hope and confidence.

My best friend Samara Diggs got to showcase her handbags img_7679

CarrymyInspirations Is Inspirational Apparel and Accessories line.

The wonderful host Merieta Bayeti Is a Public Figure and Author.img_7680

Ms. K’s Kupcake Boutique please check her out. Her kupcakes are amazing and so goodimg_7687

Diasha Johnson another public figure. Author of Unveil img_7691


All these ladies was amazing. Going to this event gave me so much to look forward to for future conferences that empower women.

Bahamas Trip


Ever since I got my passport, I have been on a mission to visit as much places as I can. Especially the best beaches In the world. I have been to The Cayman Islands and Mexico. I must say  The Cayman Islands beach took my breath away.

Bahamas was a great visit. The people and the food was nice. I would visit again. Looking forward to more travel and more post about my adventures.

AfroPunk Brooklyn 2016

My first Afropunk!!!

Great experience. The atmosphere was amazing!! The difference cultures that came to together for positive vibes and love. Everyone came to have a good time and that Is exactly what transpired. I danced and danced till I couldn’t dance anymore. So many performances From Cee Lo to the Internet. Punk rock to R&B. Overall the music was flowing s everyone was feeling the vibe.

I can not wait till next year. 


Sunday, August 21. It Is 3:23. When over thinking takes you to place, darkness. But you find yourself fighting to keep positive. You think of your future and what makes you happy. So what do you do? You CHANGE. You change your way of thinking.

So on this day I decided to start my Blog (all smiles) do what makes you happy. Express yourself In the words of Madonna (giggles)